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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Plxsys. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay

Plxsys is a creative sandbox where you can build and explore worlds. Most of your time will be spent in first or third person views, controlling your character and using items like blocks to build and interact with the world.


Block Modes

When you have a block (or any other item) selected, its name will appear in yellow above the hotbar. Just above the item name, some purple text will appear indicating the active Item Mode. You can change item modes by holding shift and scrolling the mouse wheel. With a block selected, the available item modes are "Single", "Extrude" and "Block Set". Their functionalities are described below.


The “Single” block mode allows for quick placement and destruction of blocks. While basic destruction and placement is the majority of what the “Single” mode does, this functionality is carried over into the other block modes. It is worth noting that blocks placed in the “Single” mode will always be added to an existing “Block Set”, and therefore match the size and rotation of the targeted block (block located behind the crosshair).

Blocks can be destroyed by pressing the left mouse button, and placed by pressing the right mouse button. The blocks destroyed or placed will always be destroyed or placed at the crosshair. Alternatively, blocks can be destroyed or placed in quick succession by holding down the left and right mouse buttons respectively. In addition to the basic placement method, the Shift key can be held to place blocks against the targeted block’s targeted back face.


The “Extrude” block mode is used for creating selections in the world that can be expanded to place, destroy, or replace volumes of blocks as a batch. While the player can only make one selection at a time, the capabilities of the “Extrude” mode make large or repetitive work efficient, and is an all around great way for the player to quickly put something together.


A basic extrusion is performed in the following way:

  1. Left mouse drag from a one block to another with the same Block Set to create a blue selection volume. This is where the blocks will be 'copied' from.
  2. Optionally, left mouse drag a blue selection box face to modify the selection volume.
  3. Right mouse drag a blue selection box face to create a green extrusion volume. This is where the blocks will be 'pasted' into. You can create extrusion volumes from multiple sides.
  4. Right click to confirm the extrusion. Blocks will be copied from the blue selection volume to the green extrusion volume(s).


Once you have the basics down, here are some ways you can vary the steps for different results.

With a selection volume active, and optionally one or more green extrusion volumes:

  • Left click a face on the selection volume to select it as a 'linked' face. When you change the selection or extrusion length of one side, any linked sides will also change.
  • Target a block within the same Block Set and press Q and E to set the volume's start and end blocks respectively, altering the selection volume.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel with active/linked faces to modify their extrusion lengths.
  • Hold alt while scrolling to modify their selection lengths instead.
  • Hold shift while scrolling to modify by 10 units at a time.
  • Press 'delete' or 'x' to destroy all blocks in all of the volumes.
  • Enter mouse mode and right click on a block in your hotbar or inventory to replace all blocks blocks in all volumes with the new block.
  • Enter mouse mode (tab) to interact with the Extrusion control panel at the top of the screen, allowing you to change the behaviour of the extrusion.

The Extrusion Control Panel

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Block Set

The "Block Set" mode allows you to place a block with any position, rotation and size (within size limits). Once the block has been placed, if it doesn't fit in the grid layout or any nearby existing blocks, then it will form its own Block Set. Once the new Block Set has been established, it can be contributed to via the Single or Extrude modes.

Tips and tricks

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